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29 ngày trước | Thứ sáu, 20/10/2017 - 04:20 PM

*Smart Living is limited to Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Smart Living



Introducing Smart Living

Secure, monitor and control your home with a range of smart security devices from Yale. Whether it’s a Smart Door Lock, a Smart Alarm, an IP Camera or a Digital Door Viewer, the range of Yale Smart Living products available puts you in control of your home security.

The Yale Smart Living range is available as standalone products, and as a connected with the Yale Smart Home app.


Control your home with the app

Smart access control to your home, smart alerts and secure technology that will give you greater peace of mind. Stop worrying about if your home is safe and alarmed, or if losing your keys.

You could simply just unlock your door while turning of the alarm to let someone into your home. All of this from your app, its easy and smart!




 Hỗ trợ trực tuyến

Hotline: 028.6277.0840


  Kinh doanh 1: 028.37.717.668


Kinh doanh 2: 0904.137.958


Kinh doanh 3: 0909.477.598


Kinh doanh 4: 0918.702.169


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   ADD:189 Trần Não, P. Bình An, Q.2, Tp. Hcm


   Điện thoại:  0918.702.169 - 028.6277.0840


   Email: sale.gateman@gmail.com




  Store quận 7: www.kinglock.vn


  Store quận 2: www.locks-door.vn


   Store Sài gòn: www.hafelelock.vn